Addiction Treatment

Casey worked for Healing Path Recovery from 2015-2020, helping drug addicts along their road to sobriety.

From 2015-2020, the USA was experiencing a huge increase in opiate addiction and overdose deaths.

The objective for Healing Path Recovery was to make treatment more accessible to addicts who are ready to get clean. While addicts who have PPO have many options for treatment, HMO and Medi-Cal recipients often face wait times of 6-12 weeks.

Casey was able to bring Healing Path in-network with Anthem, HealthNet, Tricare, Humana and other HMO and government providers. Healing Path was blocked from serving Medi-Cal recipients by our local and state government, despite our county having less than 100 detox beds at the time of application.

Healing Path succeeded in bringing a high level of medical and therapeutic care to drug addicts. The facility was accredited by Joint Commission and received the Incidental Medical Services license from the state of California.

Healing Path also succeeded in making treatment more accessible to military personnel and veterans by contracting with the Veterans Administration and Tricare.

National Drug Overdose Graph Chart