At Healing Path Recovery- Casey Mahoney

I spent about 3 years as the CEO of a drug and alcohol treatment center called Healing Path Recovery. My theory on the drug epidemic and the treatment industry is as follows: There are all kinds of drug addicts out there, and all of them have some desire to get clean. Their desire to get […]

Something weird happened in 6th grade

When I was in 6th grade they used to let us read in the library for about 40 minutes, we could read anything we wanted. I picked up a magazine, it was some kind of science research journal. It might have been Scientific American or something like that. There was an article where they were […]

Why not try sobriety?

Everyone wants to experiment with drugs growing up, but why doesn’t anyone want to experiment with sobriety? By the time you reach the age of 16, you can easily look around and see what has happened to the kids who experimented with drugs. Some of them have a lot of problems, but they’d never admit […]

Casey Mahoney

Casey Mahoney

Casey Mahoney is a social worker, musician, athlete, author, and drug prevention speaker. He has toured the world and performed music for over a million people, and has also won an NCAA college basketball championship.