Casey Mahoney

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Speaking

Casey Mahoney is available in the Southern California area to provide a fun and interactive program to children from grades 7-12. His presentation, entitled “Sober Superpowers,” highlights the potential that lies within us all if we decide to commit to a lifetime of sobriety.

While most speakers tell a frightening life story of addiction and misery, Casey adds the perspective of someone who grew up surrounded by substance abuse, but chose never to try drugs or alcohol.

Where can your life take you if you decide to be a person who will never take one drink or try one drug? Casey contends that there’s a good chance you will end up happier, more successful, and more fulfilled than those who chose to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

This presentation contrasts the outcomes Casey has experienced with the outcomes experienced by others who have tried drugs and alcohol. Kids will hear about many different reasons it’s easier to simply skip the “experimentation stage” than it would be to quit drugs later, including:

Sober Superpowers resulted in:

Winning a college basketball championship with Adelphi University under head Coach Steve Clifford (now with the NBA’s Orlando Magic).

A music career that included over a million audience members on tour, signing a record deal, a song on the radio, and 12 years of touring with big names like Broadway’s Rent, Megadeth, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and many more.

Helping to keep over 10,000 kids off drugs with the Queens Community House.

Helped hundreds of drug addicts along the road to sobriety with Healing Path Recovery and Dr. Sayeh Beheshti.  

Casey Mahoney