Everyone wants to experiment with drugs growing up, but why doesn’t anyone want to experiment with sobriety?

By the time you reach the age of 16, you can easily look around and see what has happened to the kids who experimented with drugs. Some of them have a lot of problems, but they’d never admit that drinking is the issue. Other kids might seem totally fine, not affected by a bit of weekend drinking here and there….but who knows how amazing life could have been if they had not experimented with drugs or drinking.

By the time you reach the age of 25, it’s even easier to see the effects of moderate drinking and drug use. A weekend of drinking results in a wasted Sunday and a foggy brain for Monday at work. Those wasted Sundays and foggy Mondays start adding up, until before you know it you’ve gotten stuck in the middle, in a dead end job or a mediocre relationship. Too much of your life energy has been wasted, it’s hard to catch up.

Moderate drinking often leads to extreme drinking, and I’ll discuss the downsides of that in other blog post. But moderate drinking that doesn’t lead to extreme drinking still leads to a loss of potential. It closes the small window you might have to leading an exceptional life.

Why not experiment with sobriety? Be the non-conformist, try something very few people have tried. Give yourself a chance to succeed and be your best self.

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